From an Android app idea to business success – How to reach?

For most of us, the iPhone was the first smartphone we saw, but in the past few years, the scenario has completely changed in the apps ecosystem and the smartphone world. Android is amongst the most dominant platforms today with over 50% market share in most of the markets across the globe. The professional Android Application Development Company in India has become one of the most common services being offered by a myriad of companies. Thus, any individual or business, that’s planning to develop an app must consider Android as one of the best platforms for launching it.

Once you have planned to develop or get an app developed for Android, here is the roadmap which you must follow to ensure that your app becomes a big success in the Google Play Store.


Strategize Smartly

This initial phase in the Android app development should determine what success would mean for your app and your organization. It’s the first phase in the app development and you must develop a proper road map of the process which will take you to achieve your goals, as the decisions which you make while choosing the app strategy will have a considerable impact on the remaining phases of your app development project. So, determine and strategize the cardinal purpose of the app, your target users and the success parameters for the app in this phase.

Design Innovatively

The second phase undertakes the app designing task, and after the successful establishment of the strategic foundation of your app, you can start beginning the development of the app. In the designing phase, the most vital point is to emphasize on the user experience which includes the app functions, app interface and the overall design of the application. It is important to determine that what type of app experience you want to deliver to your target audience and then you must proceed with designing while considering the preferences & likings of your target audiences. You can also consider hiring Android Application Developer India for innovative & user-friendly designing of the app.

Develop Intelligently

This is the third phase of app development and it involves the actual development of the app. Before starting the development, decide whether you want to develop a native or hybrid app, and which set of tools do you want to use for the development. The best way is to hire Android Application Developer India to carry out focused, quality-oriented development using the latest tools & methodologies.

Market Progressively

The fourth phase involves marketing and this must be done progressively as the success of the app depends on greatly on how it was marketed. In order to make your app stand out in the crowd, you can consider techniques including billboard words, appealing keyword phrase usage, social media marketing of the app, positive app reviews on popular blogs and user engagement through newsletters & emails.


This is the final phase, which involves post development maintenance and working on the bug fixes for the bugs being encountered in the app by the users while using it.

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