Apple iOS 8 – Good or Bad for Users?

The release of the much-awaited iOS 8 has played a significant role in meeting the bespoke requisites of users of Apple devices across the globe. After a long wait, the iOS users finally got the iOS 8 which has been equipped with the bug fixes for the issues that caused discomfort to people using iOS 7. As this update eliminates the shortcomings of the previous iOS updates, the demand for iOS development is expected to increase and companies will choose to hire iOS application developer India to get the iOS apps developed at economical prices.

Cardinal Aim Behind iOS 8.1.2 update

Developed with the prime aim to eliminate all the shortcomings of iOS 7, iOS 8 has been equipped with features which allow the iOS users to retrieve the iTunes ringtones which have formerly disappeared from their Apple devices including iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

With a dedicated URL set by Apple, the iTunes ringtones which got accidentally removed from the device can now be easily recovered. Also, this new update only acquires 28.2 MB of memory space, but there are a lot of issues which have not been resolved by it. Some of the perceptible problems which still need resolution include the Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi issues, Battery issues and much more. Thus, the Apple users have already started waiting for the next version of iOS 8 update to get stable solutions to these underlying problems.

Developers perspective on IOS 8.1.2

Various companies offering the best iOS app development India are also not very much satisfied with this new update released by Apple. This newly released build of iOS has not been designed by keeping in consideration the requirements of iOS developers who want to perform advanced testing of the OS before updating the operating system which they are already using.

Also, if you are planning to hire iOS application developer India to develop the advanced apps for Apple Watch, you must wait for the next version of iOS 8.1.2 as it is expected to include the major hooks for the Apple Watch ecosystem. The next version of iOS 8 is expected to be released somewhere around early or mid-2015, and till then it would be interesting to see how the companies offering best iOS app development India and the Apple iOS developers worldwide embrace iOS 8..2. 

Hollow iOS 8.1.2 release exposed by Jailbreaking

While it is being alleged that an iOS update may typically shut down the tasks run by the jailbreaking community, but the scenario is entirely different for the new iOS 8.1.2 release. The Apple iOS 8.1.2 has not actually been very successful in filling the loopholes that existed in the earlier versions of Apple iOS.

Overall, the Apple iOS 8.1.2 release cannot be considered as a successful update from Apple as it has not been able to resolve a lot of issues that pre-existed in the iOS earlier releases. Thus, Apple users would have to wait for an another year to get the fixes for the aforementioned issues.

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